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Made in America

Superior American Fabrication Solutions Manufactured in Reading, PA

When you choose Alloy Fabrication, you are partnering with one of America’s leading contract manufacturers – backed by more than 35 years of innovation and experience.

All of our quality-built products are produced right here in Reading, Pennsylvania. Our 14,000 sq.-ft facility employs some of the Mid-Atlantic region’s most skilled manufacturing professionals, engineers, welders, and machinists in the industry.

So when you contract your project through Alloy, you support a wealth of American jobs as well as the local community and the domestic economy. But more importantly, you receive the highest quality products possible, supported by our responsive customer service team who truly cares about your project and the results.

Four Reasons Why You Should Embrace U.S. Reshoring

  • Higher Quality Fabrication: Perhaps the main advantage of U.S. reshoring is an overall improvement in product quality and consistency. Throughout the industrial fabrication sector, American manufacturing is essentially synonymous with higher quality, offering not just better products, but a better way for you to market your offerings to domestic customers. At Alloy, we manufacture your products in-house according to your exact designs, specifications, or performance parameters.
  • Increased Manufacturing Flexibility: Moving your fabrication services closer to home can make it easier for companies to adapt to changes in demand. We can quickly adjust their production processes to meet the evolving needs of your project and the marketplace, helping you stay ahead of your competition.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: While the cost of labor and manufacturing services are generally higher in the United States compared to overseas locations, your overall costs can be lower in the long term. American manufacturers like Alloy streamline your project for shorter lead times and a quicker time to market, thus increasing your profit potential. Shipping costs can also be substantially reduced, along with logistical labor. When you also factor in the cost benefits of a more reliable supply chain, the total price of domestic manufacturing may tip in your favor compared to offshore providers.
  • Supporting American Jobs: Reshoring brings jobs back to the United States, or creates new jobs in the realm of manufacturing that would otherwise not have existed within our shores. This is a benefit to every American, with improvements stemming from local communities to the larger national economy. A better manufacturing infrastructure and a strong job market also help raise our nation’s standing on the worldwide stage, cementing our place as a global leader today and into the future.

Quality American Contract Manufacturing Services Since 1987

Alloy Fabrication is a full-service American fabrication company specializing in industrial welding, CNC machining, and precision metal forming operations. Since 1987, we have supported customers worldwide through the manufacturing of high-quality USA-made products and a simpler, more reliable supply chain solution.