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Water Jet Cutting Services for a Range of Materials

Alloy Fabrication provides water jet cutting services for virtually all types of materials, delivering consistently high-quality cuts and edging. Our precision water jet equipment can efficiently cut steel and other metals less than ¾” thick. Additionally, our water jet services can accommodate a complete range of materials that we cannot process with our laser cutter and 3D plasma cutting system, including foams and plastics.

  • Efficient waterjet cutting services optimized for material thicknesses of ¾” or less.
  • Capable of accomodating a wide range of materials, including industrial foams and plastics.
  • Precision cuts for complex, close-tolerance design geometries.
  • Minimum waste and scrap is created, making custom water jet cutting an environmentally sustainable solution.

Complete Custom Metal Cutting Solutions

Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, Alloy Fabrication offers a full range of custom metal cutting services. Equipped with state-of-the-art laser cutting, plasma cutting and water jet cutting technology, our services are able to be optimized for virtually any industrial application, material or run size. As one of the greater Mid-Atlantic region’s leading contract manufacturers, we strive to provide single-source metalworking solutions to satisfy your production.