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Quality Commercial and Industrial Powder Coated Parts

Alloy Fabrication provides high-quality powder coated parts for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Our industrial powder coating solutions enhance both the aesthetics and durability of our in-house manufactured products.

Utilizing the latest metal finishing technology, we can apply optimum coatings to your products which are ideal for demanding indoor or outdoor use. Beyond custom aesthetic finishes and colors, our powder coatings offer protection from the elements, harsh environments, and extreme operational conditions, suitable even for the most demanding of industrial equipment applications.

Size limitations do apply, but our flexible powder coating services can accommodate a wide range of custom commercial parts applications. This includes large industrial fabrications such as heavy equipment, production line systems, and material handling systems.

Alloy’s Three-Part Metal Treatment and Powder Coating Process:

  1. Media blast the weldment to ensure a smooth, clean, contaminant-free surface.
  2. Prime the weldment with zinc-rich primer to ensure maximum powder adhesion.
  3. Apply a top coat of quality powder coating.
Powder coated boxes
powder coating capability

Highlights of the Alloy Fabrication’s Powder Coating and Metal Finishing Capabilities

  • Zinc-rich primer is standard, providing maximum powder coating adhesion and consistency, which equates to improved long-term durability for your products.
  • Every custom part we process is media blasted before finishing. This ensures maximum consistency to accommodate virtually all quality-focused commercial and industrial powder coating applications.

Quality Metal Powder Coating Services for a Variety of Materials

  • Galvanized steel
  • Electroplated steel
  • Steel alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel
powder coating

Complete Commercial Powder Coating and Industrial Metal Finishing Solutions

Alloy can tackle your custom machining and fabrication projects from start to finish, including quality metal finishing and powder coating services. We provide premium, value-added metal finishing services which are suitable for even the toughest commercial and industrial applications. Based out of Reading, Pennsylvania, Alloy Fabrication is poised to serve as the single-source machine shop and industrial fabricator for customers throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic region, and beyond.